Look And Learn Dot Media

Specifically for BCU students, we provide all the technical know-how and one-to-one guidance to make you the webmaster of your own website!

Many students use social media to elevate their work, which can be limited to snapshots and brief text information. So, why not rethink your website as your career brochure, where you can present your work, profile, and contact details to potential clients and employers.

For a fixed fee, we will set up and install all of the necessary software to allow you to easily maintain and amend your site. We also create a designed template for you to edit. This allows a quick and easy way to continuously amend and grow your website.

Once you have decided on your domain name and all software installed, the next step is briefly summarising your objectives regarding how you want the website to look and feel. Then we provide you with login details to view your empty site. From here, we together input text and images. Again, this is an excellent way of learning how to work and control your website.


    • Website secure server space
    • Website domain name registration
    • WordPress installation with automated updates
    • Designed theme installed to suit your creative output
    • Email account
    • 1-hour face-to-face training and assistance over 12 months

All of the above is for 12 months @ £425

Renewal after 12 months is fixed at £90.

The domain name will become your property and, therefore, be renewed at your expense.

For more information and questions, complete the form below or email lawrence@lookandlearn.media

Let’s work together and build that awarding-winning showcase website!

Add to Basket will take you to the payment page for the £425 payment. This will secure your place in getting your website up and running as soon as you can provide some content!

If unsure of proceeding, please meet up on-site (at Parkside Cafe) for an informal chat on how you see your future website. I’ll have a single ristretto, sub-blonde espresso, 3 pumps mocha, nonfat, steamed, upside-down, and no whip cream, please.

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